Our story


Over the years many of us end up with a collection of towels hanging somewhere or stuffed in a closet. Some soft, some colorful, some that work well to dry you off, some with interesting design. But there was always something missing. A towel that does it all. A towel that is supremely soft, beautifully designed, offers superb drying capability. We felt the frustration in trying to find that perfect towel. We did something about it. We started NABRINI0174.

First, we found the perfect cotton. A special cotton found in Uzbekistan, with a fiber structure allowing for unmatched softness. This same cotton is prized by many of the world’s finest designers of apparel. We bring this cotton to you so that you may enjoy it in your towel.

Second, we worked with a fabric engineer with a lifetime of experience to develop a weave in our towel that will offer exceptional absorbency. We achieved a weave design which is partial loop and partial plush cut, which offers unparalleled perfection.

Third, we created a handcrafted design. Out towels are not cranked out by some monster machine. Fabric is cut, sewn, and custom stitched by hand in the USA. You can be proud to own a towel that was made with pride one towel at a time.

Fourth, we offer lots of color combinations so that you will get a towel that fits your style. Multiple towel colors from white to natural color cotton, in combination with several stitching colors. Make your towel uniquely your selection.

Fifth, we offer wash towels with or without our proprietary finger grip feature. This allows users to hold a wash towel more securely.

Finally, we are proud to bring to you what we feel are the most wonderful towels on Earth. We have achieved unprecedented quality, craftsmanship and the pinnacle of everything you would want a towel to be, NABRINI0174.


About Cotton

3000 B.C. to Today

Evidence of the growing of cotton has been found at sites that are thousands of years old. No one knows for sure where cotton was first made into fabric. Pakistan has a history of using cotton as far back as 3,000 B.C.

Warm climates as found in India and Uzbekistan are ideal for growing cotton. Cotton is usually planted around October and harvested around April. The cotton balls found in clusters on the plant are actually called “Bolls.” These bolls are removed from the plant and cleaned using a cotton “gin.” After the ginning process the cotton is formed into bales.

The bales of cotton are then prepared for the transformation to yarn. A cotton mill will take the cotton and make fibers by spinning the cotton tightly to form yarn. Yarn is then woven on a loom to form a fabric.

This fabric is then cut, and hand sewn by our artisans in the United States. Our towel fabric has a hand sewn edge binding. A unique hand stitching is then added over the binding. Finally, embroidery and finishing is carefully adorned to each and every towel so that you receive an exceptional towel made with pride, and care.