Giveaway Terms & Conditions

NABRINI SWEEPSTAKES - Terms & Conditions

No purchase is necessary to enter this Sweepstakes or win the gift. There is no increase in your chances of winning by making a purchase. This Sweepstakes is void where prohibited by law.

The Nabrini Sweepstakes begins on the date indicated on the Sweepstakes entry form, and ends on the date indicated on the Sweepstakes entry form. Each Nabrini Sweepstake has a prize indicated on the website, with a value indicated for the prize.

By participating in a Nabrini Sweepstakes each person who enters (“Entrant”) agrees to abide by all official rules set by Nabrini for the Sweepstakes. Nabrini's decisions in the Sweepstakes shall be final and binding in all ways. Entrants must be a legal resident of an eligible area to be able to participate in the Sweepstakes. All employees, officers, administrators, and immediate family members of Nabrini are not eligible to participate in the Sweepstakes.

Entrant may enter the Sweepstakes by filling out the entry form accessible through a button indicating entrance to the Sweepstakes on the website.

Only one prize per Sweepstakes, will be awarded. Prizes may not be substituted, transferred, or redeemed for cash. Nabrini reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value if for any reason the original prize is not available. Nabrini makes no warranty concerning the appearance or condition of the prize.

Automated or robotic entries, or anyone who enters multiple times, will be disqualified from the Sweepstakes. Prior to awarding the prize Nabrini will verify the Entrant's eligibility.

The winner shall be selected using an independent random name selector application found on the internet. Odds of winning depend upon the number of entrants in the Sweepstakes. 

The Winner will be notified through the email that was used by the Entrant for the Sweepstakes.

The winner must accept the prize within 30 days of the drawing for the Sweepstakes. After 30 days the Entrant forfeits the prize. Nabrini is not responsible for any difficulties associated with the Entrant not being able to receive the email indicating winning the prize, or collecting the prize. Nabrini assumes no responsibility or liability for any incorrect information, technical malfunction, errors or emissions, regarding the operation of the sweepstakes, or ability to participate in the sweepstakes, or the ability to collect the winning prize. Nabrini may cancel the Sweepstakes for any reason and reserves the right to modify or suspend the Sweepstakes in whole or at any part, for any reason. In the case of such cancellation or modification, Nabrini reserves the right to award any remaining prize to one of the Entrants, submitted up to the date of cancellation, by random selection.

Winner will be required to sign a notarized release in order to receive the prize.