Woman standing in doorway wearing a Nabrini towel

Nabrini Luxury Towels

Hand Cut, Sewn, & Stitched.
Two white washcloths folded and resting on a wooden shelf with a grey background
Washcloths rolled and wrapped with a Nabrini wrapper resting on a wooden slatted board with Lioins tails and a bar of soap
White Champagne
Washcloth Set
Includes: 2 Washcloths
White handtowel folded on a wooden shelft with a grey background
White hand towel hanging from women's fingers with a grey background
White Champagne
Hand Towel
Includes: 1 Hand Towel
White folded bath towel resting on a wooden shelf with a grey background
Woman's arm with Bath Towel drapped over her arm with a grey background
White Champagne
Bath Towel
Includes: 1 Bath Towel
White Bath Sheet resting on a wooden board with a grey background
Rolled up bath sheet with natural color edge stitching on a pink background
White Champagne
Bath Sheet
Includes: 1 Bath Sheet
Two Handtowels and two wash cloths folded and resting on a wooden shelf on a grey background
Folded handtowels resting on a round dish next to a small bowl of colored sand and a rose.
White Champagne
Washcloth and Hand Towel Set
Includes: 2 Washcloths and 2 Hand Towels.
Custom Towel Selection
In addition to our standard towel colors, NABRINI offers a choice of custom towel and stitch colors.
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From our customers


I'm buying every towel they have.

Marcy J.
Los Angeles, CA

I purchased the whole package. I will be ordering another one of the same packages. Incredible towels.

Lori S.
Sacramento, CA

The fabric they use is so beautiful. Incredible work. These are some high class towels.

Senna O.
New York, NY

Until you hold one of these towels, you really don't know what a great towel feels like.

Rob W.
Austin, TX

We're passionate about cotton...

Our exquisite cotton towels are individually hand crafted. Each one is cut, bound, sewn, and embroidered by master artisans. Elegant custom color edge stitching available to compliment your decor.
White washcloths rolled up and wrapped in a Nabrini band, next to soap and lions tails.

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